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Zoe Carter

Why does my hair look like this?
Am I doing something wrong?
Is my hair healthy?
These are the questions that float around the mind of every natural while going through transition.
Let me start off by saying, take a breather sis – there is no reason to freak out – and secondly, we are here to calm those nerves.
And we’re going to do this by giving 6 signs to know if your hair is healthy.



One of the best and most obvious indicators of good hair health is shrinkage.

If your hair is properly hydrated and moisturized it will shrink. So to maintain your hair’ s health, keep it thoroughly hydrated by deep conditioning and using products that seal moisture.

My Natural Hair offers a Leave-in Conditioner, Hydration Mask and Moisturizing Butter which is great for this.


When tugged hair that breaks and or stretches lifelessly is lacking elasticity – this can also be assumed if your hair has difficulty withstanding manipulation.

Elasticity is also one of the primary indicators of good hair health. So your hair can be stretched as for as it can go and bounce back, into its original state, and can also be gently tugged without breakage – know that you have higher levels of elasticity which is an indicator of healthy hair.

Though, if you are suffering from a lack of elasticity consider putting your hair through treatments that focus elasticizing your harriets through balancing protein and moisture.


With healthy hair, comes great strength.

And by this, we mean that your hair does not break or become brittle when you manipulate and or style it. If your hair is weak more strands are like to snap and break off.

But if there is minimal hair loss daily, your locks are strengthening and becoming healthier – check your hairbrush after use.


Another factor of good hair health is your natural hairs shine.

Porosity refers to how well your hair is able to absorb and hold moisture.

Shiny hair lends to have low levels of porosity and retains internal hydration better.

This is how you can test your natural hair shine; cleanse and condition your hair, but before adding styling products or oils take a section of your hair and dry it. Does it look dull and drab or does it have a shine to it?


You can determine the fullness of your hair only when in its completely natural, unaltered state – your “I woke up like this” state.

It is sometimes difficult to determine this because of the diversity in the structure of each strand. The amount of product used also plays a role in this – if a lot of product is used, it can weigh down your hair and give the impression of your hair being thinner and finer.

But is this cause honey, bigger is most certainly better.


Thickness and fullness of your hair are similar but not the same.

When we speak of fullness we talk about the whole hair structure, but thickness refers
to the look of the hair roots to ends. Is your full and luscious at your roots but then drastically this toward your ends?

A sign of healthy hair is when your hair appears thick from root to tip. And if it is, this signifies that you are retaining a good amount of length and it is not breaking at the end.

So my naturalista’s, I hope your questions have been answered and your nerves are calmed.

Now with these signs in mind go start with the strand in the mirror, and if there’s something missing start changing your ways.


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