We get it, who doesn’t dream of the big hair goals.

You know what I’m talking about: that barbie fantasy of your hair filling the entire space, with everyone gagged at its sheer voluminous glory.

With our eye set on those hair goals, we painstakingly put in the work, every day, week, month and year only to end with…. well the same freaken length.

What’s up with that anyway? We did some research on the topic and found these interesting points that you may have missed.


This is something we are all aware of but plays a massive role when it comes to growing your hair.

Your hair grows about 15cm each year, which isn’t a lot considering it’s in thespan of a year.

Now let’s take hair breakage, if your hair is breaking at a higher growth rate, you could very well be left in the same place you started.


Exposing your hair to chemicals strips your hair of its natural’s oils, while synthetic dyes lift up the outer cuticle causing damage to the hair strands.

Over processing hair will leave your hair dull, brittle and frizzy.

This would also result in the formation of split ends.


One of the things naturals are aware of is to reduce the heat.

Gone are the days of the burns caused by those blow outs and flat irons. Adding direct heat to your hair will result in it drying out

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