@Seangoesnatural gives us the lowdown on how to maintain your hairline.

Just because Beyonce has blessed us with the twins Rumi and Sir, does not mean your edges are allowed to actually be snatched.


Dammit Bey!


Sometimes returning natural is seen as a wonder-cure for all that ails our hair. However many naturals still continue to struggle with a receding hairline long after the big chop. Worry not for if your edges have done a disappearing act, the team at My Natural Hair is here to help salvage that “high forehead” (sorry but that excuse is fooling nobody fam L )


We see you Naomi.


So what causes a hairline to struggle? One of the most common causes is traction alopecia. This is hair loss due to styles that create excessive tension around the hairline area. Long term protective styles like box braids and cornrows must be done properly in order to avoid pulling out the “baby hairs” at the hairline.


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Now to all our unbeweavable queens, we understand that you without a weave is like peanut butter without jam. Unfortunately there must be times when you put the Peruvian 18 inch down and let your African natural hair flourish.



Don’t be this person


What if I told you that this can also be happening even if you’re not doing long term protective styles?

Daily natural styles such as high puffs, pineapples and buns are great for getting the fro out of your way for the day. Nonetheless there is still a risk of your edges getting snatched if you have a habit of tying the style too tight, or habitually do the one style. If you’re struggling with a receding hairline try to avoid styles that pull the hair away from your forehead. With the My Natural Hair Moisturizing Butter in your arsenal it’s easy to incorporate many different looks into your daily style regime, from wash and go’s to twist outs.


If you’re still addicted to the creamy crack while we pray for you to come to #teamnatural, we also want to make sure you relax safely. Try not to immediately relax new growth as soon as it’s visible, especially the edges. Relaxer is a chemical that changes the structure of the hair strand and constantly combing it through the front especially is a sure-fire way to snatch those baby hairs.


We all love when you slay on the ‘gram with those edges laid for the gawds- but take care not to do it too often or you could be left edgeless. Use a good moisturizing edge tamer, like the My Natural Hair butter for when you do want to tame the edge beast.


If today they won’t lay, then don’t force the slay!


Prevention is better than cure, but what happens if you’re already lost in No Edges Land? The affected follicles need to be stimulated to start growing again. A vigorous evening massage with a mixture of the My Natural Hair Strengthening Oil, coupled with a few drops of peppermint essential oil will encourage regrowth. It is important to keep the scalp healthy, clean and free of build-up so that the hair follicles are not clogged and your hair can flourish. The My Natural Hair Shampoo provides gentle cleansing without stripping precious moisture. Lather it on the scalp, working it in with your fingertips so it is thoroughly cleansed. Follow this up with the My Natural hair conditioner on the hair shaft and tips to restore any lost moisture. Remember, style gently to prevent any further damage to the hairline and use generous amounts of Moisturizing Butter and Strengthening Oil to lock in softness and moisture before any ~lewk~ is created.


If after about 6-8 weeks you don’t see any difference or it’s actually getting worse, make an appointment with a trichologist or dermatologist to remedy the situation.


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