Night Time Hair Regiment

It’s the weekend; the sun is out and so is that fro. I mean, you didn’t do alllll that deep conditioning for nothing. The people must appreciate the glowing afro goddess that you is *claps once* HUNTY!


Them: “It’s just a chill hangout, no need to dress up”


But when the party is over and you’re back in your house having to deal with your hair just seems so… demanding. Its hard work being this fabulous, your hair should be fine with a night (or three) of neglect. Right?






SPOILER ALERT: Your fro now hates you and is attempting to shrink into petty knots and ruin your life

Clearly a night routine is a requirement to make sure our African hair stays happy and keeps you looking fresh. It doesn’t have to be super complicated either! My Natural Hair has a range of products to keep your hair fuss-free and your party times lit. Here are a few things we recommend:









Silk or satin is your hair’s best friend. Over 8 hours of exposure to moisture absorbing materials (like cotton pillowcases) will dry out your hair. You put in all that effort on washday to get moisture into your locks don’t let some sheets sabotage you! Whether it’s a bonnet, scarf or pillowcase, choose what you prefer and keep that moisture safe.







NATURAL HAIR NIGHT ROUTINE2. Twist out before you pass out

If your hair is prone to shrinkage a great option are styles like twist-outs that stretch your hair and keep it from shrinking. Apart from being really helpful it’s also got the added benefit of showing these females naturals got length too #justsaying. Using a little bit of MNH Moisturizing Butter on the tips will add that extra boost of hydration and shine so you’re not looking raggedy the next morning.

Don’t live a life of regret. Make good choices. We believe in you.






The MNH Strengthening Oil is a cult favorite among naturalistas for good reason. This multipurpose oil is excellent for all your styling, treatment and sealing needs. One great way to incorporate it into your night routine is to use a few drops on your scalp and gently massage it in. Apart from the amazing feels, this helps stimulate blood flow to encourage hair growth and keeps your scalp moisturized without feeling greasy.\


Oil massaging and hair growth #trust!


4.Summer Spritz

Living in the southern hemisphere means the sun never stops! It’s great, but it can be really harsh on your strands. Mixing some MNH favorites like the leave-in conditioner and strengthening oil with water in a spray bottle is an easy way to ensure your curls stay popping all season. A light mist of this mix before bed ensures the moisture levels are replenished for the next day.


5.Live life on the edgeNATURAL HAIR NIGHT ROUTINE

If your edges are disappearing faster than a baby daddy confronted by child support, night time is prime time to take care of that situation! Dampen the areas on the struggle bus with water and massage in some MNH Strengthening Oil to promote regrowth. You can even add essential oils known for hair growth properties like rosemary or peppermint oil.


Night routines don’t need to be over-complicated. It can include all of these things, or only a few elements- whatever works best for you. Hopefully these tips have demystified the night routine and helped you!

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