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My Natural Hair

My Natural Hair

In a world full of creams, custards, detanglers and leave-in conditioners a new natural can get lost when choosing her hair arsenal.

But we are here to take some of that stress off of you, with a ‘Natural Hair Starter Pack’.

And in this starter pack, we include the general products, brushes and tools that every natural queen should have in their toolbox.


  1. Shampoo

As a naturalista, did you know that you should use 2 types of shampoo? You should have what is called a ‘clarifying’ shampoo for your hair and scalp and then also a moisturizing shampoo.

What the clarifying shampoo does is give your hair and scalp a deeper cleanse – but this often leaves your hair dry and brittle. That is why you need the moisturizing shampoo to combat that dryness and brittleness.

2.    Deep Conditioner 

It is essential after your hair has gone through a good cleanse you do a deep conditioning treatment.

A good deep conditioner penetrates your hair shaft and with that, it restores and retains moisture while repairing any damaged hairs you have. It also prevents any further damage that could affect your hair.

3.    Essential Oils

The purpose of essential oils is that they help seal in the moisture you have added to your hair from other products.

With this, they also soften your hair texture and prevents your hair from looking dull.

4.    Leave-in Conditioner 

This should be every natural girl’s lifeline.

Not only does leave-in conditioner lock in moisture but also helps with detangling curls. A good leave-in conditioner will leave your hair softer and more manageable.

5.    Edge Gel

Who doesn’t love their edges laid, slayed and behaved?

Well to maintain this control, it is vital you have a trusty edge/control gel product. It is also a must when you have braids or cornrows to keep those baby hairs in line.

6.    Styler

From gels to custards to creams there is a multitude of stylers available and ready for you to pick.

A styler is essential when you want to define capture and lock in your natural curl pattern when styling your hair.


  1. Wide-tooth comb

Though your fingers are the preferred method to use when detangling your harriets, a wide-tooth comb is the second-best thing.

A wide-tooth comb easily glides through your curls, kinks and coils without creating tangles. But be sure to use a plastic comb instead of metal as to not create friction through your hair.

2.    Detangling Brush 

This will be used mostly when brushing your hair out for styling. Be sure to use a brush with soft, spaced bristles for an easy glide through process through your hair.

3.    A Toothbrush

An ‘edge tamer’ is a small narrow brush used to style your edges. The thing is this product is sometimes unnecessarily overpriced.

So why spend all that money when you can simply buy a toothbrush – which has been tried and tested to do the same job.

4.    Hair Picks

This brush is specifically for the big-haired girls in the world because sometimes bigger is better and just as beautiful.

5.    Diffuser

A diffuser to a natural will be a worthwhile investment. This is generally sold as a separate attachment, which fits on nearly any device. So you won’t need to spend thousands of rands on buying a whole new dryer.

Get it and start rocking a Diana Ross level fro.


  1. Satin/Silk Scarf or Pillow Case

To a natural, it is essential to keep your curls intact and protected from as much friction as you can. And the most friction is caused when asleep, this is why sometimes you wake up with frizzy, dry hair – or worse, breakage.

This is why wearing a satin/silk scarf when you sleep is extremely beneficial. If a scarf is not your vibe you can buy or make a satin/silk pillowcase. The material allows your hair to gently glide over it and not be tugged on.

2.    Spray Bottle

This is great when you need to refresh your curls and you don’t want to overwater. Because as a natural, water is no longer the enemy ladies.

A few refreshing spritzes here and there and some leave-in conditioner can work miracles.

3.    Perm or Flexi Rods

Heat is a big no when you are rocking your natural hair, but sometimes styling can be more on the difficult side.

But with perm or flexi rods, you can achieve a gorgeous curl without the use of heat. They are available in a range of sizes so you can get any curl pattern and size you want.

4.    Scrunchies and Headbands

Those little elastics you used to use ain’t gonna work no more. You need to bring out their bigger, stronger sisters.

Scrunchies and headbands are for the days you can’t e bothered with expert styling. You can pop one of them on for an updo, lay the edges and Bobs your uncle – or whatever your uncles’ name is.

5.    Head Wrap

Every naturalista should have a hair wrap at their disposal.

Not only do they add an African flair to your look but they can hide a bad hair day underneath. And they’re also a cool accessory if you just want to jazz up your outfit.

6.    Microfiber Towel or 100% Cotton T-shirt

With standard towels, they create frizz, clump your curls and absorb its moisture. It basically destroys all the hard work you put in to achieve and perfect your curls.

This is why purchasing a micro-fibre towel is vital. They cause little to no friction, reduces frizziness and dries your hair way faster than a traditional towel. Sometimes these towels can be a bit pricey, so as a temporary fix you can buy a 100% cotton t-shirt.

Hopefully, this has helped you with your future purchases and just remember – with great curl, comes great responsibility.

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