Where does the time go? My Natural Turned 2 in October 2018 and we celebrated our Birthday in true Hallyeahween style with our Murder Mystery Night. The Evening was buzzing with hyper energy as everyone tried to unmask the killer. To spice things up we added an element of Surprised performances and Paid actors to throw our guests of the target. With 2 years done and dusted, we are excited to see what the future has in store. To our amazing fans, we are so honored to be included in your Natural Hair Journey. In the 2 years of trading, we are so lucky, to have shared in the amazing moments, at Natural Hair events, Mall activation, store promotion, Natural Hair Workshops, through each social media tag and all the wonderful reviews. With each interaction, we are constantly pushed and inspired to do more. Our inspiration will always be YOU. Our amazing South African Natural Queens. Here’s to another year of absolute inspiration

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