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Split ends.

Hair damage.

Words that may cause a woman’s worst nightmare.

We always want our crowns looking lovely and luscious but we’re faced with those monsters on a daily. But ladies, I am about to tell you about a weapon of moist destruction – deep conditioner!

I’m going to give you all the deets of this magical serum, and how it’ll keep your hair looking curltastic!

What is deep conditioning?

It is a vital process between shampooing and styling your hair.

Deep conditioner is designed to help restore, maintain and provide moisture to your hair which normal conditioner does not. It also prepares your hair for other treatments that follow the deep conditioning.

What’s the point of deep conditioning?

If you’re like me you a need an extremely good reason to spend more money and add another product to your already packed routine.
And let me tell you, with deep conditioning, there are so many benefits – that are visible – and you truly reap what you sow.

Here are 5 benefits of deep conditioning:

1. Prevents damage

Regular deep conditioning of your hair allows the penetrating ingredients of the product to bind and enter the hair structure.

It delivers proteins and nutrients to repair, strengthen, nourish ad moisturize the hair.

Deep conditioner also helps rehabilitate damaged hair, prevents split ends and breakage, and improves your overall hair health.

2. Increases moisture

Due to certain ingredients in its formula (protein and humectants), it draws and grabs moisture into the hair. It provides long-term moisture.

Deep conditioning is crucial for those who like to use heating styling tools, have high porosity hair or chemically treated hair.

3. Improves elasticity

Hair without elasticity is likely going to experience snapping and breaking under tension.

This is either because of too much or not enough nutrition and protein.
It is crucial to keep your hair moisture and protein balanced – which is one of the many jobs of deep conditioners.

If your hair needs more elasticity (more bounce to your curls) look for vegetable oils in the deep conditioner – i.e. grapeseed, sunflower, wheat germ oil.

4. Improves hair strength

Your hair structure becomes compromised/altered when you’re going through transition or if your hair has been bleached, dyed and or damaged in any way. Because of this, your hair is susceptible to breakage, snapping, and split ends – AHHH!

With ingredients that form links between the weakened part of the hair structure and the healthier parts, deep conditioning builds up the strength of your hair which prevents all that from happening.

5. Improves hair shine and texture

Elements (UV rays, water, chemical treatments etc) puts the cuticle layer under some serious strain. These layers can break down or be chipped away and results in the hair losing its moisture. This also further results in the hair becoming harsh to the touch.

Ingredients in deep conditioner allow for the structure to repair and fill in cuticle cells that are either missing and or damaged.

This results in the hair being able to efficiently retain moisture once again and to “lie flat” – encourages hair shine and softness.

Keep in mind when deep conditioning

So now that we understand why this fantastic creation is beneficial to add to your routine, from one user to another here are some tips and tricks, and some do’s and don’ts to just help your process. And trust me – I learnt the hard way.

Tips & tricks

  • Read the ingredients
    • If there are products that don’t agree with your hair in your current deep conditioner, try and find a different deep conditioner instead.
  • Work in sections
    • It’s easier, there’s less hair loss, and helps the product to be spread more evenly
  • Rinse your hair with lukewarm water
  • Deep condition at least once a week

Do’s & Don’ts


  • Deep condition on a regular basis – CONSISTENCY IS KEY
  • Keep a balance between protein and moisturizing deep conditioners


  • Don’t leave on past the time
  • Don’t deep condition on dry hair
  • Don’t use deep conditioners for anything other than a deep conditioner

My Natural Hair offers the Hydration Mask which is essentially a deep conditioner – they offer a sample size so you can try it before committing to the full size. There are also styling products available that would add to the ferocity of your now fully moisturized hair like their Curling Gel, Curling Cream, and Volumizing Mousse.

Now that you have all the tea on what should be your new secret weapon, I hope to see that crown of yours sparkling Queen.


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