Length check! Why is this a thing?

“My hair just doesn’t grow!” I’ve heard so many naturals say this, I’m even guilty of saying it myself.

But this is so untrue that I’m not sure why many people believe this lie.

The average person’s hair grows 1.27cm every month.

Obviously the number can be higher or lower when you take into account other factors like diet, climate, genetics, etc.

But the fact of the matter remains, your hair is always growing.

But progress is hard to see if you’re not documenting your length every once in a while.

In case no one told you, length checks should happen when your hair is stretched, because we all know shrinkage is such a liar.

So step one is definitely to stretch your hair, preferably without the
use of heat (eg. a twist out)

There are 2 ways to measure your hair length every month or so.


Yes, you heard me. Comparison shots!

Pick different sections of your hair (nape, front, sides).

Pull it so it’s fully stretched

Now pose for the camera and flick flick!

You can have fun with these because you can take shots of you in different hairstyles and redo the style every few months to see the change.

This allows you see the change in the volume of your hair too.


This is the most accurate way of checking your progress!

This way you can see even the slightest bit of growth.

Again, pick out a little section of hair from the front, nape and sides and take the measurements sis.

You can write them down in a journal or on the note app in your phone.

Don’t forget to write down the date as well.

Once you start tracking your progress you’ll see that your hair is always growing and you’ll also be able to see what helps with growth.

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