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We’ve all seen those cliched scenes, where the woman wakes up in the morning with a full face of unsmudged makeup and not a hair out of place.
News flash sugar, ain’t gonna happen.
We’d be lucky if we woke up in the morning without our mouths smelling 50 shades of morning breath.
But we’re here to help you maintain that day 1 curls, by refreshing them!

1.Simple H20

Not only does water leave your hair feeling fresher but also reactivates the product that was applied from day 1.


  1. Flip your hair upside down after a few spritzes
  2. Lightly rub your scalp, fluff up your crown and scrunch

Pro-tip:  From day 3 onwards after spraying your hair, take some product and smooth onto any frizzy sections so they can clump again.

2. Using Refreshers

There are products available in stores to revive your waves and curls – they are available in sprays and mist forms.

These products contain light moisturizing ingredients that smooth down those frizzies faster than cream-based products would. They are also very light as not to weigh down those beautiful harriets of yours.

Follow the same method as previously mentioned.

3. DIY Refreshers

You can also make your own refreshing spritzer.


  1. Fill a water bottle with 3 parts water and 1 part leave-in conditioner or curl cream (whatever you have laying around)
    •  You can add some essential oils for shine and scent
  2. Spray onto your frizzy sections, smooth down and shake your crown out with
    your fingertips


4. Finger Coils

Transitioning curls struggle with their curl factor so coiling your curls with your fingers is a great help.


  1. Apply your favourite styler to your day-old curls
  2. Twirl each strand around your finger until it appears twisted
  3. Scrunch and let those coils are dry


5. Hair Gels

This is for the girls who have especially disobedient frizzies. Hair gels provide major hold for the curls that need style longevity.


  1. Spritz area with water and a small amount of leave-in conditioner
  2. Then apply a small amount of styling gel to each curl and twirl
  3. Scrunch and air dry


6. Styling Creams 

This is for the queens wanting more of a softer hold for their curls.
Follow the same method as previously mentioned.

My Natural Hair’s product line includes a Volumizing Mousse, which is great for keeping your hair hydrated and defined without weighing it down – it also adds body while absorbing the product which leaves you with a weightless soft
Now you no longer have an excuse when it comes to lazy lockdown hair. So hit refresh, and look your best Queen!

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