The statement hair today gone tomorrow, is a statement no one wants to hear.
But when the hairline has been raptured, what options does that leave us with?

My Natural Hair has taken some time to look at restoring your hairline from a medical perspective.

After all, doctors know best, and an apple a day, won’t keep the fact that we might need more help than we think.

So, buckle up as we delve into the facts of diminishing hairlines.

Is this Normal?

You might be thinking to yourself: Why is this happening to me?

When scrolling through the gram and all you see are these gorgeous queens flaunting their thick, lush’s hair.

The truth is that we all designed as unique individuals, and that we are the sum product of 2 other unique individuals.

This comes with its own set of genetic differences.

Genetics play a big part of our makeup obviously, but it tends to be the one thing that we are most oblivious to when it comes to hair.

Our bodies are made up of millions of cells, which are constantly replicating and thereby renewing ourselves.

As you get older this slows down, resulting in saggy skin, joint aches
and more.

As a result, our hair growth slows down, becoming finer over time.

You might be wondering why some people age so well?

Well the answer is simple: GENETICS.

Some lucky humans hit the genetic lottery, while the rest of us have to put the work in to stay healthy and to keep our body nourished.

Not fair right? ?

It really isn’t but we have some helpful tips to keep the genes working at its optimal levels:

Not Smoking

While smoking is a hard habit to kick, it is something you should probably be considering.

Smoking causes a crazy amount of toxins from entering your body, apart from that it acts as a vasoconstrictor, suppressing the blood supply to your hair follicles.

Healthy body

Something I’m pretty sure, we all struggle with on the daily, is weight management but what does this have to do with hair.

For women it’s something called oestrogen.

This nifty hormone, suppresses testosterone, which is a hormone that enacts genetic hair loss.

Oestrogen has this awful habit of having a kiki with fat cells, binding itself
to it which results in less circulation in the body.

In short less oestrogen = more testosterone = hair loss.

Chronic medication

Age brings its own set of complications that a healthy diet can assist with.

Health conditions like diabetes, thyroid issues and heart disease medications can affect hair growth.

A balanced diet

What we put in is what we get out.

The same can be said about healthy hair.

Although this is a statement most of us know, we tend to look for topical products to help us solve our hair and skin issues.

A healthy diet is essential for sustaining a healthy lifestyle and helps ensure our youthful longevity.

Sulphur rich amino acids are known to be an essential nutrient needed for hair growth.

How to reverse thinning hair?

We are more complex than we realize and have to unpack all aspects and deal with them individually, to find the root cause of the problem.

Why do women lose their hair after having a baby?

Does it actually ever grow back?This is known as “postpartum hair loss” and you would be happy to know that it is temporary.

Something that you should be aware of is that this shock during childbirth could set into motion a chronic hair thinning issues.

These cases are most frequent when iron levels are low after childbirth, and your hair loss will continue until your iron levels are rectified.

“Bleaching” is it hard for your hair and can it affect you in the long term?

This goes without saying, I mean let’s be real family, we naturals know why we embracing this lifestyle: to stop using harmful chemicals on our hair.

So yes, bleaching is very bad for your hair.

The process of bleaching is done through oxidization, which affects the protein that your hair is made of.

So why is this bad?

Your hair cannot repair itself and no product can repair the damage to your protein stands.

Your hair care professional knows that if you apply this process to your hair again, it would literally snap off.

We as naturals know that growing healthy natural hair leaves us with only 2 options, transition or big chop.

Healthy hair starts from growing healthy hair from the root up.

Why is this?
Well its simple: damaged hair cannot be repaired.

So, what does that leave us naturals that are putting in the work, following every tip but are still going through the struggle?

Book a consult with a qualified Trichologist, you might need medical assistance, to isolate the issues that are happening with your body internally.

After all your hair grows out of your scalp, and will fall prey to any inconsistencies taking place internally.

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