To blow dry or not to blow dry this is the question?

When it comes to natural hair what we have learnt in the past about hair care, we can basically throw out the window mama, this is a whole new world and with that comes a whole new set of rules.
So, let’s get into the discussion of how to dry your natural hair and
what options we have available.

1. Air Drying Hair

There is no doubting the benefits of air drying your hair as this is the gentles method of drying your natural hair, with the least amount of damage.

Although we recommend that you use this method, we completely understand that it can feel like a lifetime, especially if you have low porosity hair, long hair or a dense strand.

If this is something that happens to you, try parting your hair into sections,
separating your hair will speed up the air-drying process substantially as it promotes better and even air circulation.

Benefits of air drying hair: 

– Reduces the formation of knots
– Eliminates damaging friction caused by towel drying
– Your hair is able to hold on to natural oils produced by your body.

2. Using a diffuser attachment or hooded dryer

Although we are not a fan of the use of heat on your natural hair, there are ways to incorporate heat without damaging hair it.

Using a diffuser attachment of hooded dryer, will reduce the drying time
substantially but removes the risk of damage caused by direct heat to your hair.

These items spread the heat evenly resulting in a suitable climate, that will not fry your hair and remove all the moisture from your hair.

Some additional tips to include in your wash day routine:

Say no to your cotton towel

I know, I know, we all have those memories of “doeking” our hair in a massive towel and although it does do a pretty good job of drying your hair, what you may not be realizing, is the damage it leaves behind.

Unlike microfiber towels, cotton towels have a rigid surface, which causes friction resulting in damaged natural hair.

Contrary to popular belief having some water in your hair is a good thing, with the drying process we want to remove excess water, but we want some moisture left behind.

Reduce friction and excess manipulation of your natural hair

Using a microfiber towel or cotton Tshirt, gently squeeze or dab the excess moisture from your hair.

The benefit of this is it causes less friction on their hair and the flat
surface of the material will not damage your hair.

Gently squeeze the moisture from root to tips of your hair, releasing and then starting again, until the excess moisture has been absorbed into the towel.

Remember to leave some moisture behind, yes we want our hair dry but water has its own benefits to your hair and will help with the absorption of product, reducing your chances to white residue or seeing the product cake on your hair.


Trust me, applying these methods to your hair will improve the health of your natural hair.

Think about it, how often do we wash and dry our hair?

If we reduce the damage caused during the drying process, we would be incrementally improving our hair resulting in a glorious natural crown or curls, coils or kinks.

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