Sometimes, there are steps to be followed that make a process easier and the same can be said for detangling natural hair.

Detangling is made easy using the right technique with the right tools and the right products and to further expand on this go ahead and read the steps below. These steps are not only for you but can also be used to detangle children’s hair



Let us put the above into practise with the help of My Natural Hair products.

This is how I would use products from their range to detangle my hair.


Added Tips:

– As mentioned never comb or try to detangle dry hair – the hair will just break and there is no slip to help ease out -the knots and tangles.

– If you can get away with just finger detangling then great but if not then start by finger detangling followed by using a WIDE TOOTH comb or detangling brush such as a Denman Detangling Brush or Miche Mercier Detangling Brush or a paddle brush which has more flexible bristles to glide through and work with the hair.

– SLIP – SLIP IS IMPORTANT – this helps the hands work with the hair as well as help the tools glide through the hair but ultimately it helps the knot or tangle slide through and out of the hair. Add any natural oil for added slip either directly to the hair or to another product such as conditioner or leave-in conditioner.

– Low manipulation or short term protective styles help keep knots and tangles at bay. Low manipulations styles can be done every few days or daily especially before going to bed to further reduce or help prevent the hair from tangling in itself. (knots can develop in long term protective styles especially thin braids and knots and tangles can develop when taking the extensions out. Try not to keep these styles in for longer than 6 weeks giving the hair and scalp a break from tension in between long terms styles)

– Detangling does not have to be a major task – if you keep the hair in low manipulation or short term protective styles then there will be less knots and tangles in the first place. Also if you do not do much styling and opt for wash and goes then do not leave it too long inbetween detangling or lightly detangle when possible such as midweek when you refresh your curls.

As always, Listen To Your Hair x

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