For Youth Day, My Natural Hair challenged our followers to spread the love. We asked them to send us a letter of encouragement to a future natural. Here’s what they had to say


Dear Future Natural

Congratulations on taking the step of returning to your Natural Hair.

This is my story and I hope you will be inspired:)

I was born and raised in a community where natural hair wasn’t socially acceptable.

In a result of that I would go through extra lengths to try and get my hair as straight as possible. I absolutely hated my thick curly hair and often wished that God had blessed me with straight and sleek hair.

I remember using a very harsh chemical on my hair to try and straighten it however that never turned out well. My hair started falling out terribly and that was when I realised that it was time to embrace my beautiful natural hair.

Returning to my natural hair was a whole new experience for me as I did not know where to start.I started doing my research on natural hair and in boxing a few naturalist for advice.

I remember stepping out for the first time with my natural hair I had no confidence at all as I kept wondering what people would say and I was worried that no one would find me attractive without long straight hair. Surprisingly I had an overwhelmed response where people would come up to me and tell me how they wished that their hair could curl like mine


I started embracing my natural hair each and every day and it wasn’t an easy process however it does get easier.There is so many products and tips that I have learned along the way to make the process easier.I Have been a naturalist for almost two years now and I learn new things everyday.I would advise you to do your research before transitioning and find out what products work for your hair type. One last thing be true to yourself and ask yourself why you want to return to your natural hair?are you doing it because its a trend or are you doing it for a lifestyle change.

All the best and enjoy the process


Caron Samson




Dear Future and Present Natural

Longer hair comes with sooo much more responsibility.

Don’t, don’t, don’t! There are so many restrictions that we are sometimes too caught up on chasing length instead of enjoying our hair, understanding our hair, flaunting our hair cos we are told not to color, straighten or wear our hair out.


Returning to your natural state shouldn’t be the chore that we have made it out to be. Have fun with your hair, love all the stages of your hair and if it breaks it’s okay. That’s what learning curves are for.  I’m not advocating recklessness but live a little because too often most naturals are governed by fear. Fear or breakage, lack of growth, curlism, texture discrimination, hate speech, etc.



Time won’t always be on our side because as we grow older our arms will no longer be able to reach as high to do a twist out or a braid out. Lastly our journeys are not the same. Our hair goals are not the same. Our DNA is not the same and therefore our hair growth rate won’t be the same. We have put ourselves under a lot of pressure but now it’s time to exhale. Just breathe and embrace the process.


Kind Regards

Jay from thatcottoncandyhair

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