This is it.
You’re doing it.
You’re starting a new chapter with a big chop!
Let me start out by saying that you are going to rock this new ‘do and ain’t nobody gonna hide your pride!
Hyping up out of the way, we don’t want you doing through this huge step alone.
So here are just some things to know, consider and do before, after and during the big chop process.

Before the Chop

So my naturalistas you’re embarking on your big chop journey but here are a few things to be aware of BEFORE you fully commit:

 1. Be 500% Sure

Ladies this is going to be a huge undertaking so unless you’re completely and totally ready to make this commitment, do not do it.
But don’t think you’ll never be able to do it – because you can and will! Just wait until you are truly ready and then make like Mulan and chop!

 2. Look Before You Leap

In other words – DON’T CUT BLINDLY! Do some research and choose a style and approximate length in advance. You also need to take shrinkage – whether your hair shrinks down when wet – into consideration as well when choosing these things.

You also need to understand that your hair will be shorter than it is when it is in its blown-out stage by 50%. And if this information has made you quiver more than once, it is best to just go to a barber or hairstylist.
If you choose to use a hairstylist be sure to go to a natural hairstylist. They will cut your hair correctly so it will grow out correctly. The difference between a normal stylist and a natural hairstylist is a normal stylist cuts straight whereas a natural hair stylist understands that natural hair needs to be looked at from a 3D perspective.

 3. Expectation vs. Reality

We’ve all seen those memes of expectations versus reality, and there is an element of this involved when doing the big chop.
Your hair may not look anything like you expected especially if you used relaxer on your hair since you were little. The hair texture can change from childhood to adulthood.

Relaxed ends weigh down the natural hair which leads to a manipulation of the true curl pattern.

So until you take the jump and cut it you won’t know exactly how your hair would look like. Keep in mind your hair might go into shock for a while and you not see any curl pattern at all.

 4. Your Crown Is Unique

You are guaranteed that your natural hair will not look exactly like anyone else’s hair – just like a fingerprint. So don’t obsess over hair typing and curl patterns.

Your hair may also behave differently and have different needs than others, and it’s important to understand this when choosing your products.

 5. Choosing Your Tools

We all can agree on one thing – natural hair products ain’t cheap. You can spend a small fortune if you try to buy every product you see your favourite YouTuber use in a tutorial.

So just start out with the essentials – a shampoo, conditioner, leave-in and styling products – which are all available in the My Natural Hair product line. Your next chapter is going to be all about trial and error, you’ll learn to keep what works and try something new with what doesn’t.

And once you find a full regimen that works for your hair, make it your new best friend, your soulmate, your EVERYTHING!

 6. Patience, Patience, and Patience

Whether you’re big chopping or going through transition there is one common thing, this journey is all about the exploration in your curls.

Your needs to become your baby, and with that, you need to love and take your time with it. Enjoy the benefits and time of your new short ‘do for as long as you decide to keep it.

 During the Chop

If you’re reading this you’re ready to take the big chop and all that comes with it. And because of this here are just some tips to make the process of the actual chop easier:

 1. Keep It Hydrated

Not only keeping your hair hydrated makes it look better but it also maintains the health of it.

Using water is a good way to help with moisture, but finding a good product – like the My Natural Hair Hydrating Mask – can really help with achieving fully hydrated hair for longer.

 2. Keep It Trimmed

No matter if you big chopped or cut your hair very short it is vital to schedule regular trim sessions.

Make sure you got to a natural hairstylist to have your trims because they ultimately know what is best.

 3. Keep It Clean

It is assumed a lot of the time that now that one has short hair, it is okay to skip regular schedule was days – Uhm, no sis!

Keeping your harriets fresh and clean encourages a healthy scalp, and therefore results in healthy hair and hair growth.
Be sure to use products that are free of sulphates. Fortunately, My Natural Hair’s Nourishing Shampoo, Hydrating Conditioner and Leave-in Conditioner are all sulfate-free products.

 4. Keep It Positive

Whether you have prepared yourself and have done all the research you could, the only way you’ll know how you’re actually going to feel about the result is to see it on yourself – up close and personal. And this can make you second guess your decision and even discourage you about the journey.

Even if it feels like an eternity trying to find the right products to use or that your hair is taking a little longer to grow in, finding ways to stay encouraged will keep you on your natural journey. So YouTube, Tiktok, and Instagram yourself some #encouragement.

 After the Chop

You did it! You’re officially on your new natural journey. And don’t worry, we promised to guide you through the whole process.

So here are just some things to know and do AFTER the chop:

 1. Styling and Shaping

Once you’ve big chopped your natural hair, ensure you find a natural hair stylist or even trusted barber to style and shape your hair properly to suit your face shape and hair type.

Because the last thing you want is to take this step, cut all your hair off and end up hating the results.

 2. Patience and Products

If you’re a new natural, I bet you’re very anxious when it comes to the number of products on the market, but don’t fret!

Once you’ve done the big chop take advantage of product samples before committing to the full-sized containers. My Natural Hair offers a selection of Travel Size products, so purchasing those would be a great way to test before buying the larger product. Now that you have shorter hair, you’ll use less product, so using products sample sizes will not only save you money but give you time to build up your precious hair regimen.

And remember to be patient when trying different products. Don’t try too many products at the same time.

 3. Ready your Regimen

After the big chop, having a healthy hair regimen will promote good hair health and puts you in a good position for when your hair grows longer.

This is a basic hair regimen:

  • Shampooing
  • Minimum of every 7-9 days
  • A clean scalp promotes healthy hair growth
  • Deep conditioning
  • Once a week
  • Ensure you have a moisturising conditioner and a protein conditioner balance
  • Moisturising
  • Non-negotiable!
  • Trimming
  • Every 8-12 Weeks
  • Or suggested time period of your professional stylist

 4. Maintain your Moisture

It is guaranteed that your naturally curly hair will be drier so accepting this quickly better help your combat against it. Leave-in conditioners, hair lotions, and or simple H2O will be your moisture life support.

You also need to be aware that what you put inside your body is a huge contributor to your hair health. Consuming a lot of water is a great help in your hair journey.

5. Strength and Support

For many women (not all) have a strong emotional connection to their hair. So going through this process can be extremely trying.

That is why having a strong and dependable support system behind you after the big chop is vital. The last thing you need is people that spew negativity towards you.

So like that hair, chop those toxic people out of your life because Shakespeare once said, “Ain’t nobody got time fa dat” (well something like that).

I hope this guide has helped you through this leg of your natural hair journey, and honey
just knows Coco Chanel said, “A woman who cuts her hair is about to change her life”.

So go change your life sis.



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