A women’s hair
defines her.

It is her crowning glory. So it’s only natural that so much time, money and research goes into hair care. African women are probably the most explorative when it comes to hair and styling and for years’ have struggled with the hair ideal, using relaxers and other chemicals to force the hair straight, damaging it in the process, further encouraging the cycle of chemical treatments. However, in recent times, more and more women are flaunting and embracing the natural hair look.

The benefits of going
natural are numerous

Stronger, softer, healthier hair, no more expensive trips to the salon, a choice of hairstyle to suit your mood, lifestyle or outfit, and it’s a great time-saver.

However, deciding to let your natural hair shine can be both liberating and challenging. It is My Natural’s mission to help women on this journey, to empower them to go back to their roots and embrace their natural hair.

After talking to so many women, and after endless conversations, we found the biggest challenge was the lack of locally made, affordable and accessible products formulated for the specific needs of natural hair.

This is how
My Natural began.

Developed in Africa, with so many women and so much hair to care for, My Natural creates products for the modern African women that suits all African hair types, even when worn under weaves, braids or wigs.

Formulated with natural butters and oils, all My Natural products are free from sulphates, parabens, silicones, and mineral oils, making them safe for you and the environment.

 Embrace it, Flaunt it, Love it, Naturally


To support people on their personal journey to embrace their natural beauty every step of the way.


Our mission is to empower our people, customers and employees to make lifestyle choices that are not damaging to their hair, their body or the environment. We aim to provide consistent education.

One of the best products I’ve ever used!

One of the best products I’ve ever used and it smells good too. I don’t even know where to start. I bumped into your products mainly because my hair was really damaged only because I thought there was no reason for treatment. My hair repaired in round about 2 to 3 weeks and the constant growth that is going by is unbelievable. I honestly recommend this for any type of hair, whether you have 4C or 4b hair this will definitely change your ways of looking at hair products. So to everybody who’s reading this My Natural Hair products are thee best, try them out. You will not regret it.


Ultimate bomb!

I am very picky when it comes to hair products. I’m always reading the ingredients and the chemicals it contains. This was my GoTo products during winter, and I don’t think I would’ve survived if I hadn’t bought it. After applying the curling gel to my hair, my curls were super defined with great definition! After my hair had air dried in the sun, it was shining and it had absolutely no frizz! (Which I love) oooh and it left my hair feeling soft and puffy with an aromic scent! Like I always say, what I love about My Natural Hair is : its paraben free, sulphate free, phthalate free, silicone free, petroleum free and mineral oil free, which is the ultimate bomb! My hair cannot get enough of it! I am in love and my hair is too.


Worth your money!

Love this product. It does the damn thing. Keep the hair strong, moisturized and soft. Its affordable and one bottle lasts a few months definitely worth your money


My curls pop!

I have tried so many products but My Natural Hair really hits home for me. It’s my everyday go to! I love it! It makes my hair soft and manageable and makes my curls pop! I think it’s the best thing since buttered bread.


Gives my hair definition and structure

My Natural hair leaves my hair supple and hydrated. It really gives my hair definition and structure. My hair hs gained some volume and a lot of elasticity. Now I feel so comfortable wearing my natural hair in public. Thank you for your help


This product is worth the hype!

This product really sleeks the hair so good ,it leaves the hair smooth with no lumps ..I've been using this product for 3 months due to that my hairline is exceeding so I wanted something that will help give it a little life by styling it and this product has been the best by far I have tried ..the whole @_mynatural_hair products are worth the hype and work super well with any type of hair ...This product leaves no residue ??

Tino J

This is the bomb!

This is the bomb! laying my edges tight for the entire day. I use the whole range to be honest make my low porosity hair moist whole day especially when in the sun #mynaturalhair #work wonders #feelingblessed #appreciation mwah

Allison Watson

Its an amazing product !!

I am a huge fan of the hydration mask its my go to product. It leaves my hair so soft and manageable n shiny and i love the scent of it. ??Its an amazing product

• hayleyshaleen

It gives my "Crown" the TLC it deserves

I have a lot of deep conditioners but I always go with My Natural Hydration Mask because my hair loves it? I believe that when you deep condition your hair on a regular basis, your hair flourish. The Hydration Mask is giving my crown the TLC it deserves ?


it worked like a dream

I have been struggling with my hair being dry & breaking. I tried the mask from a friend's recommendation & it worked like a dream. From the first time I used it I saw results. It left my hair rich with moisture & fluffy soft. I love it!!

yolanda mkati

I absolutely love the MNH leave-in conditioner.

My kinky, coily hair loves rich, thick, creamy products and the MNH leave-in is just perfect. It provides slip when I detangle and leaves my hair hydrated, soft and shiney. I also love the easy to use pump bottle. I'm running out and I need to restock soon!! ?

Nomsa Mhlontlo

The best I have tried by far

You know when your hair shrinks because it's well moisturised, that what I experience my coils pop? I also love the smell, not too strong for my sinusitis. If has left me with really soft hair, I also feel this is because I also incorporate the rest of the products from the range which is a smart move. My hair used to break when detangling but now it is just happy to stay.?

Tshegofatso Thage

The best product you've created!

I love this and always buy extra especially for when I do a sleek bun, this is like a drug for me because I love it when my edges are layed, I also buy extra because most weekends my cousins come over and they use it too, we all love it , it works the best it keeps those edges perfectly laid plus I have wavy hair and the edge gel helps lay them and makes the waves sleek , it keeps me looking beautiful I love it , the best product you've created ?? thank you @_mynatural_hair

Rowlene Van Voore

Thank you for the this magnificent leave-in conditioner

it's helped to restructure my coils and left it moisturised for days. I live in a very dry region so it's been working


My curls pop!

I bought this range for the first time two weeks ago and I absolutely love it! It leaves my hair soft, manageable and moisturised, the curl activating cream makes my curls pop and I only had to refresh my curls after three days. The whole range smells amazing!

Portia Petersen

Smells nice & bring curls to life!

Absolutely love it, it smells nice and it brings my curls to life and it softens the hair and I also use it on my daughter's hair.

Siphesihle Jama

Haven't felt this way in a long time

Just started using this 2 weeks ago and my hair feel so soft and mosturising and haven't felt this way in a long time


My hair remains soft and bouncy

My Natural Hairs Curling cream is one of the best I've used my hair remains soft and bouncy yet the curl definition is out of this world . Not only does a little go a long way but it smells amazing too.

Kassandra Kassy Bindeman

It left my hair so hydrated

I have really coarse hair but I could comb my hair thoroughly without cringing. I love the scent too and its constancy is just the right kind of thick.


This curling cream is life!

This Curling Cream is LIFE!!! I've even asked hair stylists to use it when I'm filming!! ?? It gives my curls definition, the product isn't heavy at all and my hair looks moistured and healthy for a good few days!! ABSOLUTELY LOVE IT!!

Schelaine Julia Bennett

I use it on the daily!

I have used it before and love it! I especially love the fact that it's infused with many oils in one blend ? I use it on the daily when I do my scalp massages and mahn my hair grown 

Maxine Izabellah Lippert 

I totally love this product

Great product. Leaves my soft and with moisture. Enhances my curls(sometimes use it as a curling butter). I totally love this product and have been using it for a year now.

Sinakho Mdakane

My hair grew faster than usual and it made it extremely soft!

I used it as my sealing oil and to do scalp massages regularly. My hair grew faster than usual and it made it extremely soft. Usually hair oils leave my hair looking and feeling extremely greasy however this strengthening oil just makes it look and feel great.

Jami-Anne Saayman 

Love love love it!

I use it on my protective styles more than on wash and go's. Keeps my coils and plaits super moisturized! And as my toddler has very dry hair and doesnt like doing hair, i apply it to his hair dry hair during the week and it leaves his hair extremely healthy looking and not in desperate need of water

Nadia Christians

My hairline is growing and the strength of my hair is amazing!

I love it soo much. I have a 4c hair type and I was struggle with my hairline. I message on my hairline everynight and moisture all my hair. I gave seen incredible result as my hairline is growing and the strength of my hair is amazing.. Very affordable and not greasy

Boitshoko Chocky Mankuroane

This product is the bomb!

This product is the bomb!!! I use it every night to seal the moisture in my hair and it brings out just more soft and shiny love towards my natural hair. I recommend it to every woman to use it daily and see for yourself how it will help you embrace your natural crown more and it is affordable at any clicks

Anastashia Van Wyk

Its my number 1 natural hair product!

My Natural Nourishing Shampoo is absolutely amazing.It leaves my hair feeling so healthy ,clean, and soft. I have dry hair and use to get dandruff because of dry scalp and product build up, but thats all a thing of the past since using My Natural Shampoo.Its my number 1 natural hair product after trying out quite a few brands.

Abigail Caesar Linden 

I found my natural best product ever!

It's not just an ordinary shampoo it's a miracle shampoo ...I had a problem with a dry scalp and my hair was itching day and night so I decide to go clicks to check a best product for natural hair and I found my natural best product ever .i called it a miracle shampoo

Tumisang Tumilious Moidi

Hair feels soft and looks healthy!

The Natural Nourishing Shampoo is absolutely amazing.My hair feels so good and clean. Hair feels soft and looks healthy. So proud of my hair thanks to this product?Best shampoo I ever used.

Phumzile Miriam Zondi

I saw instant results after my first use!

I have unruly curly hair, The My Natural Hydrating Conditioner was recommended to me by my sister. I haven't bought any other conditioner since then. It makes my hair so super soft and detangling is so much better, the scent is heavenly too. I saw instant results after my first use. Shiny and healthy curls

Theofista Ruiters

Thanks to My Natural Hydrating Conditioner!

It leaves my hair soft and manageable. I also like the smell of it. My hair has never been healthier. Thanks to My Natural Hydrating Conditioner

Bonolo Sefako

Conditioner always replenishes my hair!

The conditioner always replenishes my hair. Ever since using this product i dont even suffer from dandruff. #myMNH ur so on point

Zoe Mamakabinyibonyo Kokolet

The hair oil is my favourite!

have been looking for good products for my natural hair as my hair tends to break a lot,but ever since i started using this amazing products my hair strength has been restored.

Nicoletta Moatlhodi

Absolutely love the products!

Makes my hair feel supper soft and the smell is the bomb. Wish the products can come in bigger sizes

Abigail Esau

MY Best Product

My holy grail use nothing else LOVE LOVE LOVE

Simonne Baatjies