A poem for My Natural Hair

A poem by Andy Mkosi


My Natural Hair

As my fingertips run through my hair
I sprinkle star dust on the floor.
My natural hair is a universe.
It has stood the test of time.
It is a dime.
A fertile land that belongs to many many clans.
Only Matriarchs harvest here.
This is food for thought check these cornrows.
This is heritage check these roots.
A mark of our resilience check this brilliance.
Twists and turns its my life.
My natural hair is a strong sense of self,
A sisterhood
It congregates,
Talk of the town, always part of debates
These knots resemble fists up
Amaaandla! Ngawethu
Sarafina to Rosa Parks
My natural hair is my power.
lights up it electrifies darkness it devours
Queens of queens we turn heads,
Your majesty we wear crowns
Beauty we’re at the forefront
Evolution we have the know how
Always show up for the glow up.
& as my fingertips run through my hair
and star dust sprinkles,
I pray it lands on the eyes of a young girl
& sparkles up her entire being.


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