The Liquid & leave-in conditioner, Oil and Cream or otherwise L.O.C. method is all about maximum moisture retention and keeping your curls soft, bouncy and well fed. This method is perfect for coily and kinky hair types, ranging from 3c to 4c, who struggle with dry and thirsty hair. The L.O.C method enables your hair shaft to absorb all the moisture and hold it while adding definition to your curls and combatting dryness. The order of the products being used and the products themselves are all in the name, making this routine super easy to remember. When applying your three key products remember that it is all about layering and making sure that you work the product through from root to tip.

Step 1: Liquid & Leave-in conditioner
This is the first layer of the three step routine. Part your hair into four sections and wet it with water or dampen it by using a spritzer bottle. Apply your leave in conditioner generously, section by section. In order to avoid product build up, be sure not to turn your “generous” into “too much”. Work the leave-in conditioner into your hair until you no longer see any trace of the product residue.

Step 2: Oil
You may now use a hair oil of your choice to seal in the moisture. Find an oil that works well with your hair type and rub it onto your hands and finger tips. Because you only need a thin layer of oil to seal in moisture, it is not necessary to use more than two squirts, and if you are using an oil in solid form, two finger scoops should do the trick. Run your hands through your hair gently, section by section, and be sure to give your scalp a mini massage with your fingertips (this stimulates blood circulation which in turn promotes hair growth). Once you have completed the sealing technique you can move along to the final step.

Step 3: Cream
Hair cream is the final layer and it is also the heaviest product of the L.O.C method. If you wish to, it is perfectly acceptable to substitute the cream with hair butter. Apply your product evenly, once again, section by section and allow the product to penetrate the hair shaft. Remove the four parts, bend forward and softly maneuver your fingers through your hair. Give your hair a nice shake to loosen it up and marvel at your brilliant work and technique.

To get the most out of your L.O.C, apply the products to cleansed/washed hair. Clean hair means a fresh new canvas and the products will be able to work without hindrances from previous hair products that have been used. This method is perfect for all seasons, especially in the hot and dry conditions of summer when your hair craves some extra moisture. When you have completed all of the steps you can rock your fro or you can opt for a protective style by tucking away your ends and making your L.O.C last a little longer. This method is not at all time consuming and if you are looking for a good way to retain length remember that growth and moisture work hand in hand. This is definitely worth a try!

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