I the guardian / parent herewith apply for my child / the children placed in my care to take part in the programme and activities of Camp Curls and I give permission to my child / children placed in my care to participate in the programme and activities of My Natural Hair and AfriCan, subject to the following conditions:

  1. The programme organisers, facilitators and camp leaders will do everything reasonable to ensure the safety and prevent unnecessary risk of the persons and their belongings placed in their care.
  2. My child /children in my care has the permission to participate in all activities on camp. Although I understand that every care is taken to ensure her safety, I am aware that attendance is at their own risk. I in my capacity as parent/guardian of the above mentioned person, indemnify herewith and won’t keep My Natural Hair or AfriCan or any of its management, facilitators, leaders, employees, members, directors or sub-contractors responsible for any claim or accountability that might arise from any injuries or lost of property, what ever the circumstances or origin.
  3. My child /children in my care will obey all legal and fare instructions from the facilitators, leaders and any other camp employees. I also hereby give consent that my child / children in my care may be sent home if she fails to cooperate or misbehaves or disobeys any of the rules on camp. I acknowledge that there will not be a refund should the child be sent home.