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7 Harmful Ingredients to Avoid in Hair Products

You’ve probably heard that some shampoos and conditioners contain potentially harmful ingredients…

Author: Kirsten Curtis

Getting started as a natural!

The road to going natural is paved with expectations, goals, challenges, and achievements.

Author: Nadia Salie

Essential Oils: Nature's gift for luscious locks

There are so many benefits to using essential oils in your hair care regime it’s a wonder more people aren’t using them!

Author: Kirsten Curtis

Achieving and maintaining healthy hair

People often think that they are unhappy with their hair because of the texture, style or length, but what they fail to realize is that these factors are not the reason for their discontent.

Author: Nadia Salie

The L.O.C Method

The Liquid & leave-in conditioner, Oil and Cream method is all about maximum moisture retention and keeping your curls soft, bouncy and well fed.

Author: Nadia Salie

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