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This naturalista’s #Locsrock

When toxic straightener, motherhood and hair politics intersected Amy-Rae Rispel had to act.

Author: Cornia Pretorius




Calling all ‘fro’s, pineapples, loc’d sisters and naturalistas.

We want to make you glow in all your naturalista goodness!


Author: My Natural Hair


So you’ve put down the flat iron, given away the last of your creamy crack and are all set to go natural! Except… what are all these abbreviations all the blogs and videos use?

Author: Sean Moodley - Sean Goes Natural

Trying to contact My Natural?

Trying to contact My Natural? Please use our new number +27 (0) 60 489 4395.  We had to change our labels due to circumstances out of our control.

Author: Catherine Williams

7 Harmful Ingredients to Avoid in Hair Products

You’ve probably heard that some shampoos and conditioners contain potentially harmful ingredients…

Author: Kirsten Curtis

Getting started as a natural!

The road to going natural is paved with expectations, goals, challenges, and achievements.

Author: Nadia Salie

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