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Building a Healthy Hair Routine for Your Child

Conditioning/Deep Conditioning

Deep conditioning gives your hair an extra coating of moisture that is always needed for natural African hair to protect itself against dirt, sweat, and the weather elements that dry out your hair

Author: My Natural Hair

Natural Hair Goal

Growth takes time and time requires patience, a virtue that many people just do not have. Growing long, healthy hair requires more than one magic bean as many things factor into the quest for longer hair.

Author: Nadia Salie


For Youth Day, My Natural Hair challenged our followers to spread the love. We asked them to send us a letter of encouragement to a future natural. Here’s what they had to say


Author: My Natural Hair

My Natural Hair’s Hydrating Conditioners

My Natural Hair’s Hydrating Conditioners – The Secret to Healthy, Frizz-Free Hair

Are you struggling with dry, brittle winter hair? Then you’ve been using all the wrong products. Split ends, brittleness, and lack of shine are all caused by bleaching, colouring, and heat, which strips your hair.

Author: My Natural Hair

African Natural Haircare Products for Glorious Hair

African Natural Haircare Products for Glorious Hair

You cannot get away from it – natural is downright nice. Mother Nature has always managed to find and establish a natural balance in everything, including natural hair product for African hair.

Author: My Natural Hair

Detangling Made Easy With My Natural Hair by Jems of a Natural

Sometimes, there are steps to be followed that make a process easier and the same can be said for detangling natural hair. Detangling is made easy using the right technique with the right tools and the right products

Author: Joan Hillman – Jems of Natural

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