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With her beautiful curly locks, Catherine Williams embodies the idea of a woman who is embracing her natural beauty with spectacular results. But she wasn’t always happy with her natural look. As a young girl, she yearned for straight hair. “I wanted long wavy ­hair of the kind that you can shake out of your face, so my mom started relaxing my hair when I was six,” she explains. Like so many women with ethnic hair, it became a beauty routine she kept until adulthood.

After completing a degree in marketing, Catherine became an air hostess and travelled the world. In New York, she first encountered natural hair products for curly hair. “I saw a picture of a woman with the most stunning curls I’d ever seen. I just had to go into the store and bought the hair products to try it out. It was amazing! It was the first time that I could honestly say that I liked my curls.” Catherine also became aware of the natural hair movement and how liberating it can be for women to embrace their natural beauty. She stopped relaxing her hair and never regretted it. “I can wear it any style I want – it’s thicker and so much healthier.”

Back in South Africa, Catherine realized there is a massive gap in the market for women with ethnic hair who want to use natural hair products without harmful chemicals. That inspired her to develop a uniquely South African range of hair care products, My Natural. When the controversy about natural hair made headlines, Catherine realized her timing was perfect. “Suddenly there is a whole movement of women who want to go natural. My Natural offers the perfect solution because African women deserve the best!"

Catherine Williams, creator of My Natural Hair

My Natural: embrace it, love it, flaunt it – naturally!

Loving it naturally!

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