Natural hair jargon got you confused?


So you’ve put down the flat iron, given away the last of your creamy crack and are all set to go natural! Except… what are all these abbreviations all the blogs and videos use? Like any community, the natural hair world speaks its own language which can be very intimidating for the newbie natural. Here is a simple guide to help you make the natural hair journey (& jargon!) less perplexing 🙂


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BC– Big Chop; to cut off all chemical/ heat damaged hair in one go. Definitely for the bolder human!

Transition– to slowly grow out one’s natural hair and gradually trim off the damaged hair over time.

TWA– Teeny Weeny Afro; what a BIg Chop usually results in 🙂 A small afro of new, undamaged growth.

Wash Day– The specific day chosen to shampoo, condition and style hair as desired.

Pre-poo– Nope, this is not related to any biological processes! It actually refers to detangling, sectioning and oiling the hair prior to shampooing so the hair is not stripped or dried out during.

Co-Wash– Conditioner-only Washing; foregoing shampoo completely, and only using conditioner to cleanse and condition.

DC– Deep Condition; an imperative hair treatment that is part of any natural’s regime to make sure hair is moisturized and healthy. It is much more intensive than an ordinary conditioner.

Porosity– how easily your hair allows moisture in and how quickly it is lost. Determining hair porosity assists in identifying curly hair products and methods that will work best for your natural hair.
*Low porosity (“lo-po”)- hard to get moisture in but once it’s in, it’s in!
*High porosity (“hi-po”)- characteristic but not limited to heat/chemically treated hair, it’s easy to get moisture in but also very easy to lose.
*Medium porosity- the happy middle ground, ideal porosity for moisture balance.

Slip– Describes how viscous a product is, usually with regard to a conditioner. A lot of slip means its smoother to apply and makes detangling hair easier.

WnG– Wash & Go; deceptively named, the ‘wash and go’ is not as simple a style as it seems. Many styling techniques are used to achieve the perfectly defined WnG which can be tricky to get right initially.

LOC– Liquid, Oil, Cream; One of the techniques used to get a great wash and go. It involves layering products in a certain order to “lock” moisture into the hair so it is not dry after washing. Alternatively it can be LCO(Liquid, Cream, Oil) or even LOG (Liquid, Oil, Gel).
*Liquid- anything that gives moisture to the hair strand. It can be as simple as water, or alternatively a water-based leave-in conditioner.
*Oil- any preferred oil that will seal in the moisture from the liquid.
*Cream- any styling cream preferred to define and give the curls hold and/or definition.

Seal– to use an oil or butter as a final protective barrier that prevents moisture loss from the hair.

Shingling Method– separating your hair into layers and applying product to each layer in turn.

2nd/3rd Day Hair– a measure of how long you can go before having to completely re-do a style, instead of a light refresh.

PS– Protective Style; a style chosen to minimize over-manipulation of hair and protect it from the elements in order to encourage growth. This can be as simple as a twists or long term such as box braids, wigs, cornrows and weaves.

Stretching– Manipulating the hair in order to stretch the hair and reduce shrinkage. This often includes a looser curl structure once unravelled. Methods include:
*African threading- wrapping cotton thread around sections of hair.
*Twist out- small two or three strand twists.


My Natural Hair is a proudly local range of products that cater to our African natural hair care needs. The hair strengthening oil is a great blend of oils and multitasks from pre-poo to sealing.   The nourishing shampoo and hydrating conditioner leave hair soft and manageable. Yes, returning to your natural hair is difficult and confusing at times; but My Natural hair makes washday a breeze, and hopefully this has simplified some of the journey. With My Natural Hair it’s impossible to resist #lovingitnaturally! 😀

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