as a natural African

woman I am proud,

beautiful and well-groomed.

loving it naturally!

...and my Hair is my

crowning glory.

loving it naturally!

I live naturally in all

aspects of my life.

loving it naturally!

are synthetic and damaging

to my hair, my body

or my environment

loving it naturally!

I choose not to use products that

Latest Media

My Natural Hair Journey

Hi My Naturalistas! This is the very first video we’re publishing on all the work we’ve done on the natural hair movement in South Africa.

My Natural Hair 'How to' vlog | Part 3

This vlog series shows you how to use products from the My Natural Hair range. It gives tips, tricks & advice on how to achieve healthy, natural hair.

Latest Articles

Go “Fro” with the Natural Hair Products from My Natural Hair

Go “Fro” with the Natural Hair Products from My Natural Hair

Are you someone who is losing your patience with the maintenance of your hair? If you are, then it’s time for an all-out afro intervention. For more information on all the products you will ever need to keep your afro healthy, contact us today.

Author: My Natural Hair

Natural Conditioner for African Hair

Why Natural Conditioner is a Must Have for African Hair

 With the December holidays done and dusted, we bet your natural hair has been through the ringer, more than just a couple of times. I mean, it was the festive season and you needed to look your best at all times.

Author: My Natural Hair

My Natural: embrace it, love it, flaunt it – naturally!

Loving it naturally!

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