as a natural African

woman I am proud,

beautiful and well-groomed.

loving it naturally!

...and my Hair is my

crowning glory.

loving it naturally!

I live naturally in all

aspects of my life.

loving it naturally!

are synthetic and damaging

to my hair, my body

or my environment

loving it naturally!

I choose not to use products that

Latest Media

SCHOOL TAKE OVER : Bergvliet High School

@_mynatural_hair SCHOOL TAKE OVER : Bergvliet High School??
My Hairstory ZA and brand manager @catherine_m_williams spent an afternoon talking to students at Bergvliet High School about Hair, confidence, self confidence and what beauty means to them and much more. Watch for a glimpse into our day #mynaturalhairza#southafricannaturals #beauty

Real Talk March 2018

Why do you love your natural hair? We took to the streets of Gugulethu to speak to these gorgeous Naturals about their Natural hair #southafricannaturals

Latest Articles

Natural Hair Goal

Growth takes time and time requires patience, a virtue that many people just do not have. Growing long, healthy hair requires more than one magic bean as many things factor into the quest for longer hair.

Author: Nadia Salie


For Youth Day, My Natural Hair challenged our followers to spread the love. We asked them to send us a letter of encouragement to a future natural. Here’s what they had to say


Author: My Natural Hair

My Natural: embrace it, love it, flaunt it – naturally!

Loving it naturally!

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