as a natural African

woman I am proud,

beautiful and well-groomed.

loving it naturally!

...and my Hair is my

crowning glory.

loving it naturally!

I live naturally in all

aspects of my life.

loving it naturally!

are synthetic and damaging

to my hair, my body

or my environment

loving it naturally!

I choose not to use products that

Latest Media

SCHOOL TAKE OVER : Bergvliet High School

@_mynatural_hair SCHOOL TAKE OVER : Bergvliet High School??
My Hairstory ZA and brand manager @catherine_m_williams spent an afternoon talking to students at Bergvliet High School about Hair, confidence, self confidence and what beauty means to them and much more. Watch for a glimpse into our day #mynaturalhairza#southafricannaturals #beauty

Real Talk March 2018

Why do you love your natural hair? We took to the streets of Gugulethu to speak to these gorgeous Naturals about their Natural hair #southafricannaturals

Latest Articles

Let’s talk Curlism : The hierarchical fad in the shadows of the Natural Hair Community

The natural hair community is seen as a space of freedom and liberty, a space where every woman, black, coloured, mixed, has a platform to be who she is and embrace the hair she has, unapologetically. So why is it that certain hair types are still favoured above others?

Author: Nadia Salie

What You Can Expect from Natural Products for Black African Hair

What You Can Expect from Natural Products for Black African Hair

Are you struggling to keep your natural hair voluminous and healthy? Black African hair can easily become dry, damaged, frizzy, and dehydrated – especially after all those chemical treatments you’ve been putting your hair through the past decade.

Author: My Natural Hair

My Natural: embrace it, love it, flaunt it – naturally!

Loving it naturally!

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